That first night with a beer in hand we marvelled at the view of the hills in Phuket. Opportunistically we scanned our thirty-six square metre place, readying it for our projects. Finally, living in Thailand, we set up the space for writing, coding, music, yoga, and cooking. This is good we thought. We got this!

View of the Phuket hills

Day One

Arriving in Thailand on a high following time back in Australia where we attended Richard brother’s wedding, catching up with our adorable nephews, and laughing with family and friends things became real. Very real.

Are we doing the right thing? It’s not the first time that I have asked the question, but when you are 7 storeys up in your new apartment, calling it ‘home’ with only each other to keep sane, the question arises like an infected splinter.

For all the reasons we set upon this journey, we were reminded by the many reasons why Australia is great. We could have kept going, working in fields we are passionate in, living in bohemian Newtown, solving the world’s problems with a drink in hand and good company. There it was, our beautiful social safety net we carefully designed over the years, serving us well, but keeping us moving laterally.

Now here we are, 7,000 odd kilometres away with no safety net in sight but a curiosity for how else life could be…

Said by a wiser person than me:

“Only the curious have something to find.”

And we had to find out.

mangos from markets in Kathu

Day Two

That second morning I went walking to our local Tesco Lotus with a backpack, wheelie suitcase and money to buy the essentials (okay, so a little more than just essentials). It took me half the day. I realised I was making this journey like it was a job. I had the time and now I was wasting it. What was I delaying?

Right, the writing!

What’s your blog going to be about? There it was that question. “Well, um, I just thought I would write about our experience from a couples perspective. You know, two Aussies in their late thirties on the road?”

Reality bites. Like any good strategy you start with some research and what I found I didn’t like. We were not unique, our story was not some un-trodden path, people have and are writing about this stuff.

I always knew this would be the case. However, before when I was researching – when I had a safety net – it didn’t seem to matter so much, but now, well now we have no incoming income, we sold all our possessions and invested instead in us. Eek!

I never had these concerns for Rich. He’s the mountain goat of the Tripmasher duo that always lands on his feet no matter what life throws at him. When he says we’ve got this, he really does. I’m the technophobe wannabe writer setting up a blog.

Day Three

People who know me can attest that I like to be right. Not just understood and accepted, but in your face, I’ve got the facts kinda right.

So the next bit was hard.

Can you help me? I don’t like to ask for help, I like to know all the answers and I like to be able to do things with a smile on my face. Turns out, I’m not expected to know everything and how to do everything. Turns out, that there are wonderful step-by-step tutorials on setting up your WordPress site (which you already broke twice and deleted). Turns out, it’s okay to look up every second word mentioned in said tutorial to understand what it means. Turns out, life is one big online tutorial and it can be overwhelming and make you cry.

So what am I trying to say?

It was a scary first three days, but that’s okay. Now I don’t need a net, but have armed myself with an adventurer’s map ready to find whatever’s waiting to be found.

Sincerely, Suzy

Today’s word flow brought to you by listening to Moiety

thailand sunset over Adaman sea

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Living in Thailand – the first 72 hours
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