We are 2 months into our digital nomad life! What the?!?

Time is flying and still so much to do in the next 10 months; nevertheless we are plodding away using our productivity tools.

Today it’s a silly, but somewhat serious post about friends and discovering new ‘friends’ whilst on the road.

Rich and I have lived in cities in Australia, UK and now Asia. Each time you move you say goodbye to the physical catch-ups and spontaneous cheeky glass of wine or beer, but hello to a whole new way of staying in touch. It’s fun, you can get creative, it takes commitment, and becoming an expert on time zones. Always worth it!

people jumping off a log
You can ring my be-e-ell. Ding-a-ling-a-ling.

Over the last 2 months I came to realise I was looking to TV ‘friends’ for a dose of midnight storytelling and catchups. What I mean is, that there are a handful of TV shows I’m obsessed with. I know this sounds super sad, but have you watched Elizabeth Jennings kick butt in The Americans? Or Donna Clark bring her creative solutions to all things in Halt and Catch Fire?

The americans show advert

A scene from Halt and Catch fire tv show

(Cameron Howe is going to be my mushroom…a slow grow. I’m only up to Season 1 so no spoilers please.)

Here’s how it plays out…Rich is working away at code and I sit in the dark watching the blinking box until the small hours of the morning.

I’m a bit consumed with what’s going on the shows. Cheering for communists, spys, AI robots and system breaking hackers. That’s you Christian Slater in your bonkers role in Mr Robot.

Picture of Christian Slater from Mr Robot tv show

The magic of character development, writing and audience empathy I guess. I also think it’s something more.

You get snippets from social media what’s happening in your friend’s lives.

The odd phone conversation or messenger chat. Or you fashion a pretend catch up at a café with your respective coffees in hand, but you happen to be at different latitudes and longitudes. Those are some of the best moments, but far too fleeting and sometimes clunky if the wifi reception is not great. The natural rhythm of a conversation can be fickle like that.

So, to unwind from computer screen time, I ‘talk’ to my TV buddies. It’s a continuous conversation episode-by-episode. It’s not lost on me that this is totally one way and bordering odd, but it’s somewhat comforting, like this goat.

Digital nomad comfort

I promised myself that blog posts would be about travel and not venture too much into my bag of marbles called a brain, but I think in a way it does relate to travel.

When you hit the road you open yourself to meeting a variety of people from all corners of the planet. They have their views, interests, quirks and sometimes you click and sometimes you don’t. They help you broaden your horizons and learn things about yourself. Or sometimes they just help you make the best watermelon vodka cocktail in an actual watermelon.

Watermelon cocktail in an actual watermelon
Too many people to tag on watermelon moments. You know who you are!

However it plays out, it’s genuinely the way you meet and bond with people who eventually become your friends. But what happens when you are on the road in a new country with no real opportunities (or time) to build those relationships? That’s where I say the TV BFF sneaks in.

I’m very lucky to have Rich travelling by my side – my human BFF. We still have our nightly chats on the balcony solving the world’s problems, now instead of a wine we have moved to a homemade fresh mango slushy. Progress people!

However, we know what they say about too much of a good thing, so we need time out from each other and that’s where I enter Carrie Mathison’s Homeland world wishing people would realise how right she was about Brody.

Claire Danes as the character Carrie Mathieson from Homeland TV show
Okay this is spooky. The character Carrie was born on the same day as me!

It’s something about these characters too that all have good intentions of changing their community pocket. Maybe that’s what I really miss, my game-changing buddies out there rocking the world every way they know how.

Too soon for it to be a homesick piece, but not too soon to welcome some TV buddies. I’d just prefer there was a “beam me up scotty” type scenario with my real friends.

Thank you to the clever people who now have made my watermelon cocktails seedless and square shaped (so it’s doesn’t roll away), but seriously help a sister out and teleport my human friends!

Midnight musings rallying with Laura from Humans.

Episode 2.Laura (Katherine Parkinson)

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