Today’s short photo essay is all about our romp on the river.

We organised a day of river tubing on the Mae Taeng River with Chiang Mai River Tubing and it was one of our favourite things to do in Chiang Mai.

Now river tubing is a sport grown out of lazy days floating gently down a river and a means of taking your drinks with you as you travel from A to B.

No skill is required, but there are the 5 r’s of Chiang Mai river tubing you should heed:

Chiang Mai river tubing  – Lesson 1

Chiang Mai River tubing

Refresh! Now when you can take your tinnies and whiskey with you, then it would be rude not to embrace the moment. Stay.Watered. Regularly.

Chiang Mai river tubing  – Lesson 2

Chiang Mai River tubing

Relax! You have 3 hours to travel 10km. On some spectrums a Redbull-fuelled snail could beat you, but that’s not the point of the ride. Take in the scenery and feel the heat of the sun on your shoulders. Breathe. Relax

Chiang Mai river tubing  – Lesson 3

Chiang Mai River tubing

Rejoice! How often do you walk away having made great new friends after a few hours on the water? Reminiscing on travels past or sharing ideas for future travels. At the same time you may even find yourself managing a new musical act. “Introducing the Golden Triangle Boys.”

Chiang Mai river tubing  – Lesson 4

Chiang Mai River tubing

Reapply! It’s Thailand. It’s hot. The sun is not always your friend. Take a river bank stop for reapplication of sunscreen and all important musical interlude.

Chiang Mai river tubing  – Lesson 5

Chiang Mai River tubing

Relax! In the immortal words of Dodgeball. Duck. Dodge. Dip. Dive.Dodge.

You gotta double up on the Relax factor. You have no where to be other than where you are. Like most travel it is not about the destination, but the journey.

Easy breezy days listening to Mungolian Jetset.

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Chiang Mai river tubing – the 5 r’s of tubing
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