Twelve months in Asia! Can you believe it?

When we started our journey with the aim of some serious travel in Latin America and Asia, plus developing the Tripmasher app, I always knew we would be basing ourselves in Asia for over a year.

I knew this but never thought it would ACTUALLY happen.

I figured we would give it a go and ultimately cut our time short and take residence back in the urban jungle we call home.

But here we are! 12 months in and loving it. Not without its lessons in humour. Here is where we have travelled in Asia and what we have learnt. Enjoy!

Tripmashers on tour –  12 months around Asia

Backpacking around Asia – Tripmasher’s guide to winning it

1. It’s hot, like damn HOT!

backpacking around Asia.jpg
Rich doesn’t bother wearing shirts anymore. Just kidding!

2. The BEER is plentiful, cheap and cold.

backpacking around Asia.jpg
Can we hear a cheer for 80c beer!

3. But WINE…. not so much.

4. You WILL meet loads of new friends and catch up with other travel buddies. Nowhere is really THAT far away.

backpacking around Asia.jpg
Aww, the amazing memories. Too many more photos to include, but they were not fit for print. Preserving your dignity and ours 🙂

5. You will TIRE of the same 3 travel questions everyone asks you (and you of them!) How long are you travelling for? Where have you been? Where are you going? But you struggle for new ones. I’m going to trial out – What was your favourite moment yesterday/today?

6. (Pre Turnbull) – You will monitor the AUSSIE-NESS of your accent depending on whether Abbott ate another onion.

backpacking around Asia.jpg
Yep, that’s our former Prime Minister eating an onion. Photo Credit:

6. You will GAIN weight because the food is super tasty.

backpacking around Asia.jpg

7. You will also LOSE weight because traveller’s belly is real and far too frequent.

backpacking around Asia.jpg
Plus, you will need to be able to fit into some tiny spaces.

8. You will never master more than 5 words in each LANGUAGE.

9. Overnight Bus/Train/Plane/Boat journeys ALWAYS SUCK, but snack packs and friends make them better.

backpacking around Asia.jpg
Seriously?!?! Most overnight travel is not made for people taller than 5’4.

10. You are not too OLD to dance all night at a trance club.

backpacking around Asia.jpg

11. You are not too old to stay up all night having D&Ms along a riverbank.

12. You will get SCAMMED. 

13. You will LAUGH more than you cry.

backpacking around Asia.jpg

14. Your interaction with LOCALS will break down all your preconceptions of life in that country.

backpacking around Asia.jpg

15. You will master the ability to SWEAR in multiple languages.

16. Every night is FRIDAY night.

backpacking around Asia.jpg

17. A SPECIAL price, never really is that special.

18. You are COMFORTABLE with a squat toilet.

19. You are old ENOUGH to realise when it’s time to leave a town/country.

backpacking around Asia.jpg

20. Plans CHANGE almost as fast as you can make them.

21. If you thought Europe had too many churches just wait til you see how many TEMPLES Asia has!

backpacking around Asia.jpg

22. SCOOTERS are so wrong, but so right!

backpacking around Asia.jpg

23. Sometimes, a dirty, sweaty TREK is exactly what you need.

backpacking around Asia.jpg

24. You have two HAIRSTYLES. Hair tied up, or hair that hasn’t been washed. There is no such thing as a good hair day in humidity.

backpacking around Asia.jpg
That’s why I like to wear a helmet most days.

25. MOTHER NATURE is ridiculous in all her magical ways.

backpacking around Asia.jpg

So there you have it, Tripmasher’s goofy guide on backpacking around Asia for twelve months.

If you fancy some serious tips about backpacking around Asia, then check out our posts on Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Myanmar (India will be coming soon).

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25 Funny truths about backpacking around Asia

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