The Tripmashers (Rich & Suzy)caricature in NYC

Since meeting on New Year’s Eve 2009 on a balcony overlooking the Sydney Harbour, we have talked about a life of travel.

Vision boards have shown fantasies of a tree-house on an island off the north coast. Or an eco hut in the Bellingen forest. Perhaps even a bee farm in the wine and food heart of New South Wales.

Life was good in Sydney. Great friends, close to the family, satisfying work and  even the opportunity to save a few dollars, but the questions niggled.

What more is out there?

Can we do more and how?

Rich and Suzy Cuban timesIn October 2014 we left our life in Sydney for a tour of Latin America and Antarctica, followed by a move to South East Asia. With no end date, we quit our jobs, sold all our belongings and plotted a path one plane ticket at a time.

With a combined professional background covering security engineering, web development, events and marketing, we decided to bring these tools and mash them with our passions of travel, photography, music, politics and cooking.

What is the result?

Now that’s the fun part. Holed up in various apartments in South East Asia is where we will build a website, write a blog, write a book and make music, and no doubt fail spectacularly at times.

It means a lot to us to be able to have this chance and hopefully it goes some way to help people live by mashing their passions with their path.


Rich and Suzy







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